REOPENING THE ECONOMY: The good news and the bad news. MOSTLY BAD NEWS.

Let’s start with the bad news…where the bad news started. Wuhan, China. Long story short—nothing has returned to normal in Wuhan. Not even close. So why are we rushing toward the same abysmal economic result, when we haven’t come close to achieving the same health result as Wuhan? We’re trying to empty a bathtub with the water still running.

Wuhan shows the world that the end of lockdown is just the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis – CNN

Is a DEPRESSION inevitable for 2020? How about a GREATER DEPRESSION? The signs say YES.

Ten reasons why a ‘Greater Depression’ for the 2020s is inevitable – The Guardian

If you’re watching the stock market like I am, you may get the impression that the economy isn’t doing so badly. Even with Great Depression era unemployment numbers and a pandemic circling the globe, the markets have somehow held it together. Unfortunately, real, measurable worldwide commodities aren’t so easily fooled. While there’s an endless combination and supply of digital money and faux transactions to be shifted around the the world, OIL AND GOLD are real—and respond accordingly.


Where’s the GOOD NEWS? I don’t have any yet.

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