When this pandemic is over, let’s avoid the partisan blame game

Uh…how convenient.

Sorry Mitch, this opinion piece isn’t going to shield you from blame this fall, if you make a bad decision with the lives of thousands of students, their parents, grandparents and the communities connected to them. It’ll ALL BE ON YOU, so I highly suggest you listen to the experts. Here’s a hint, don’t listen to economists posing as epidemiologists or virologists. That’s why our nation is a mess right now, with no end in sight. 

Let’s examine your false comparison between the Iraq War and the COVID19 Pandemic:


“…the consensus conclusion of multiple national intelligence agencies was that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had or was close to acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Based on that “expert” information, the United States organized a large number of nations in a massive campaign to eliminate the threat, which proved unjustifiably expensive in both human and economic terms.” – Daniels.

WRONG. The real “experts” looked at the intelligence and said…NO WMDs. None. And they were right. And they knew it almost immediately when shown the intelligence. But the Bush administration pushed on with the phony intelligence. Sold everyone a pack of lies, and we’ve been fighting that war ever since.


“I, for one, hope so. I earnestly hope that our public officials, who are acting on the best (they believe) intelligence available to them, have chosen wisely.” – Daniels.

WRONG. All of the expert information and intelligence available to our nation’s leadership since the middle of JANUARY pressed for quick, wide sweeping action (real travel bans, early lockdowns, testing, PPE production, contact tracing) LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER COUNTRIES ON A REAL RECOVERY. 

Daniels did get one thing right, the two situations are similar in that we’ll be knee deep in this pandemic war far longer than necessary and it’ll cost us far more than it would if we had JUST LISTENED TO THE REAL EXPERTS FROM THE START.

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