1. COVID19 HASN’T EVEN GOTTEN STARTED YET! Only 5% have been infected in the worst hit countries. We are so far off from herd immunity a 2ND WAVE IS INEVITABLE IF WE RUSH TO REOPEN.

France study shows less than 5% have been infected.

Spanish antibody study suggests 5% of population affected by coronavirus

Indiana study suggests less than 2.8% prevalence of COVID19

2. GET THE KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL (so every household in the U.S. can get infected, not to mention the impact on kids’ and teachers’ health), THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY IS IN GOOD SHAPE (bookings down 98% down)…and the list goes on.

3. I just saw the statistic that 1 in 400 people in New York City have died of the coronavirus. Seems fake, but… around 20,000 deaths and around 8 million people, it checks out. 1 in 400. 

“Most of us “know” about 300 to 400 people in our daily lives. Who would fly if planes killed someone you know 10-12 times a year? Who would let their family drive if it regularly kills 1 in 400? Who would grocery shop if buying avocados killed one of your friends each month? Remember those NYC stats—1 in 400—aren’t anywhere close to 1 in 400 “infected.” That’s just people who happened to be in NYC in March and April.” 

4. America’s True Covid Toll Already Exceeds 100,000

5. Infection rates were climbing at Nebraska meatpacking plants. Then health officials stopped reporting the numbers.

That’s one way to stop a pandemic. I wonder how many states are pulling a version of the same trick?

6. Over 100 Coronavirus Cases in South Korea Have Now Been Linked to One Guy’s Night Out Clubbing

Coming soon to a Wisconsin bar or Midwest Cracker Barrel near you!

7. The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission

Could be renamed, Killing Me Softly With His Song.

8. Different Coronavirus Models Are Starting To Agree. The Picture’s Not Good.

110,000 BY EARLY JUNE. S. Korea is projected to have 270…total.

9. Fact check: McConnell claims Obama didn’t leave Trump a pandemic ‘game plan.’ The truth? Obama left a 69-page playbook

I know, because I read it. It literally walks you step by step through nearly the exact scenario we’ve experienced. McConnell has admitted that he was incorrect, which calls into question exactly how out of touch he is (as the Senate majority leader!) with our pandemic efforts.

10. COVID-19 is killing 20 times more people per week than flu does, new paper says

Would it surprise you to learn that the annual influenza death numbers are “estimated?” Not real counts? It came as a surprise to me. The CDC doesn’t actually know how many people die from the flu every year. They guess based on the fractional data that is reported. The COVID19 fatality numbers are ACTUAL, reported deaths.

11. Austria Has 90% Drop in Coronavirus Cases After Requiring People to Wear Face Masks

The Czech Republic made masks their NUMBER ONE Covid19 strategy from the beginning. Not testing or lockdowns. They have 293 deaths/27 per million population. Austria has 693 deaths/70 per million population. WE HAVE 86,912 deaths/263 per million population.


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