Two weeks ago, I buckled down to finish a manuscript due on June 1st. WHAT A DIFFERENCE TWO WEEKS CAN MAKE. Unfortunately, right alongside what looks to be one of the most significant civil rights moments in U.S. history—WE’RE STILL IN A PANDEMIC KILLING 1,000 AMERICANS AND 5,000 WORLD CITIZENS A DAY.


I’ve continued to collect articles, scientific studies, observations and data while I was busy writing from dawn to dusk. I’ve put together a “best of” the last two weeks below.

1. I know we’re kind of beyond “convincing” any of the fringe elements that masks and physical distancing works, but just in case you come across someone genuinely interested in listening…here’s a rather comprehensive look at the issue. Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

2. Chief epidemiologist in Sweden admits their strategy was a mistake. No kidding…and it’s not to late to change course. Man Behind Sweden’s Controversial Virus Strategy Admits Mistakes

3. Washington State and the Seattle area may have “jumped the gun” on calling for lockdowns due to flawed hypothesis regarding origin of first community based transmission case. Turns out, “jumping the gun” on sheltering in place is what you need to do to avoid a nightmare scenario. And just in case you’re curious…”jumping the gun” is what most epidemiologists and pandemic/virologist scientists BEGGED FOR starting in January.

4. The inpatient and ICU bed situation is starting to look grim in the south…and COVID19 is just starting to make a rebound there.

5. This is like a fireman training their entire career to put out a fire and failing to connect the hoses before rushing into a burning building. The CDC Waited Its Entire Existence for This Moment. What Went Wrong?

6. Don’t point the finger at the WHO. Investigation starts to shed light on China’s role in delaying information relevant to key decision makers. Still…We had plenty of notice to do what needed to be done to stop the pandemic cold.

7. Did I mention that MASKS WORK and only a science denialist would reject that? Universal Masking is Urgent in the COVID-19 Pandemic: SEIR and Agent Based Models, Empirical Validation, Policy Recommendations

8. It’s almost like scientists entirely agree that we should all wear MASKS.

9. We still don’t fully understand COVID19. Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything

10. MASKS. I know it feels like overkill, but just wear a damn mask in public. Coronavirus Diagnoses In Staff Drop By Half After Boston Hospital Requires Masks For All

11. “Pneumonia” and other illnesses are masking the true toll of coronavirus in the United States This is especially true in Georgia, Texas and Florida…the original “we’re doing just fine without lockdowns!” trio.

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