Out of everything I’ve read on the COVID19, I feel that the article below may be one of the most important for all of us to read and understand moving forward. Since far too many of us seem unwilling to take even the most basic precautions at this point, like wearing a mask and physical distancing, our state governments will have to focus on targeted strategies that “inconvenience” the lowest number of people.

The abundance of evidence and analysis has recently identified SUPERSPREADER EVENTS as one of the prime drivers of the pandemic. Targeting the conditions that create these events looks to be the most effective strategy moving forward.

Just Stop the Superspreading (New York Times)

In our study, 20 percent of Covid-19 cases accounted for 80 percent of transmissions.

It’s not just that superspreading events are happening with SARS-CoV-2; they appear to be driving much of the pandemic.

This fact is alarming and reassuring at the same time.

It’s alarming because it suggests a virus swift and efficient, and so seemingly unstoppable.

But the considerable role of superspreading in this pandemic should be reassuring, too, because it also suggests a way to stop SARS-CoV-2 that is both less onerous and more effective than many of the strategies that have been pursued so far.

The epidemic’s growth can be controlled with tactics far less disruptive, socially and economically, than the extended lockdowns or other extreme forms of social distancing that much of the world has experienced over the past few months.

Forget about maintaining — or, if infections resurge, resuming — sweeping measures designed to stem the virus’s spread in all forms. Just focus on stopping the superspreading.”

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