DECISION TIME –> FOUR PATHS. 1.) Status Quo. 2.) Full Shutdown. 3.) Whack-a-mole. 4.) Masks (mandatory)

As the pandemic surges, there are three scenarios of what happens next
– Dr. Leana Wen, Washington Post.

We just hit 1,000 deaths again (consistent trend upward)…a direct result of rising cases in early to mid June (deaths lag cases by 4-6 weeks). Cases have tripled since then. Hospitalizations have doubled…ALL TRENDING UPWARD.

“Decision time has arrived. Is the specter of “status quo” bad enough to force an urgent course correction, or will complacency continue until death hits home for more families? It would take a lot to switch to “whack-a-mole” — and a “full lockdown” would save even more lives. Either way, we need to muster our collective willpower if we are to stop the death toll and destruction of covid-19.”

“There’s no reason we should still be experiencing this crisis in the U.S.” Andy Slavitt – Former Medicaid and Medicare Commissioner.
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