Seriously…I never thought I’d be warning people like this AGAIN!

Let’s skip to business.

The winter is shaping up to be a true pandemic mess…again. My advice after 2 years of tracking this closely:

1.) Get boosted. Your 2-shot regimen will not be effective against the Omicron variant, which will be dominant everywhere within 2 weeks to a month. Delta is quickly yielding to Omicron all across Europe.

2.) Wear a KN95-N95 (or foreign equivalent) level mask indoors in public or in crowded outdoors venues. Omicron is contagious on a level never seen before. Is it milder? Maybe. Maybe not. And who cares? You don’t want to get this coronavirus. Mild cases still lead to debilitating illness and Long Covid. Order BETTER masks HERE.

3.) DO NOT hang out with unvaccinated people who do not live in your home. That’s a risk you shouldn’t take. Period. If you’re forced to do so, wear a KN95-N95 level mask. The Delta variant has been contagious enough to fill ICUs…Omicron is so infectious, traditional measures like R0 are becoming meaningless. EVERYONE in a room can and will get infected with this new variant. READ THIS PLEASE!!! –>

That’s it. Stay safe! Hopefully I won’t have to post this again next year! If I do, we’re probably looking at the THANOS VARIANT.

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